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We are selling Fake IDs mainly for Cryptocurrency related service users.

Our Fake IDs allow you to bypass country/region restriction and protect your privacy.

1, Bypass country/region restriction

Recent cryptocurrency-related services are frequently subjected to measures such as restricting the use of or prohibiting the use of residents of a specific country against the background of tightening regulations. In some cases, the funds may be frozen without prior notice, and even if you present your own ID card, you can not withdraw your funds because you are a resident of a prohibited country.

Such troublesome country restrictions can be resolved by purchasing fake ID cards on our site. You can purchase various national identification cards and proof of residence documents from our site according to your request. You can use more cryptocurrency related services by purchasing and using Fake ID for countries other than the one where you live.

2, Protect your privacy

Recently, several large exchanges have had the problem of leaking documents uploaded by customers for identification. Since many Cryptocurrency related services are still developing and are also likely to be targeted for hacking because the number of users is rapidly increasing, it is assumed that such outflow events will occur again, but such in such situations, you may be anxious about using your own ID card to authenticate your identity.

Even in such situations, purchasing fake ID cards on this site will enable you to use various cryptocurrency related services while protecting your privacy. In addition, even if the image of the document used by you for identification is leaked by hacking etc., it is not a real ID card and there is no need for you to worry.

Also we are selling products with Bitcoins and only Email address is required to purchase, so even we will not know your personal info.

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